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Elevate Your Fintech Operations with Blockchain & Stablecoins
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Why migrate to blockchain technologies?

Real-Time Transactions

Leverage Stellar, Ripple, USDC or other blockchain payment solutions for faster, frictionless, low-cost transactions.

Super Fast

Transaction confirmation in seconds. The near instant processing time of payments assist beneficiaries with early access and better utilization of funds.

Low Cost

Eliminate intermediaries; typical commission cost is deducted from the transaction fees. Blockchain provides the benefit of low-cost transactions to the users.

Secure & Transparent

The immutable nature of blockchains makes the transactions tamper-proof, thus, decreasing risks while participant can access and view the public ledger anytime.

Problems we solve

BPV provides software development and management consulting services orientated towards fintechs, banks, brokers, insurance companies and authorized payment institutions interested in taking advantage of blockchain technologies from Stellar and Circle but unsure how to add into their existing payment rails.


Advise & Implement

With nearly two decades of banking, blockchain and payment experience with real use cases for "on chain settlement" implementing Ripple and Stellar blockchains, stablecoins like USDC, and OTC crypto trading, BP can advise & help you choose & implement the best blockchain strategy adapted to your business.


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Do you want to integrate Ripple or Stellar blockchain technology into your business?

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