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We help financial institutions to cut costs, improve security, simplify procedures, and increase revenue by integrating emerging technologies into their business.

Our specialties include building and implementing solutions that enable our clients to:

  • Offer digital asset custodial services to their customers.
  • Securely manage in-house digital asset reserves.
  • Issue and trade tokenized assets on decentralized networks.

In particular, we have extensive experience working with the Stellar protocol, and have participated in the development of several Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs).

The BP Team

The BP team is composed of both experienced fintech entrepreneurs and engineers. We have over 20 years of experience in leadership positions at licensed and regulated international financial institutions. We successfully integrated multiple use-cases of the Stellar protocol while running Tempo, an EU-regulated money transfer service which we founded.

This experience allows us to offer qualified strategic advisory and development services in areas like regulatory compliance, IT systems design, and organizational digital asset procedures.


Empower businesses to issue, hold, and transfer digital assets securely.

This mission involves building bridges between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Ensuring the strength of these bridges is in the interest of both DeFi and TradFi. The building of these bridges is challenging but highly lucrative. BP makes this process easy by offering you secure direct issuance, custody, and transfer of digital assets through our institutional wallet platform which meets or exceeds all regulatory standards.

Reach out to us today to explore how we can help your business achieve its goals.

Our Team

Jeffrey Phaneuf
Co-founder & Director

Jeffrey Phaneuf is a senior executive with two decades of payment experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas with prior positions at Ria, SigueTransfer and Tempo.

Anthony Barker
Co-founder, Director & CTO

Anthony Barker is an IT veteran of implementing equity trading technologies at BMO Harris Bank, National Bank, IBM Canada. As former CTO at Tempo, Anthony successfully introduced Stellar, stable coin technology to speed payments and reduce working capital costs. He's a frequent contributor and speaker in the crypto and Stellar community.

NextJs Guru

Meet Hassan, a skilled software engineer from Pakistan, specializing in front-end development with 8 years of experience. His wins at nasCon'19 and AirTech'19 highlight his expertise, making him a standout professional dedicated to pushing boundaries in the tech industry.

Smart Contracts
Backend Developer
Backend Developer

Optimize BP's knowledge of Stellar, Ripple, Swift, Fidessa, Web3 and other blockchain technologies for your business today.

Why Use BP?

Payments internationally can be hard and expensive. They don't have to be. With BPV your company can implement blockchain technology to facilitate sending digital assets as easily as sending an email in a fully compliant manner.

We provide the knowledge, treasury expertise and technical know how to maximize blockchain technologies for your business.


BP's co-founders are Thunderbird, School of Global Management MBA graduates with years of proven financial services experience as directors of Central bank regulated & audited authorized payment institutions.


With more than 20 years in Financial services industries and +5 years working with blockchains, we can help you move your project from initiation to success.


Blockchain Solutions

Way back in 2017, Anthony was the CTO of Tempo, a regulated European payment institution based in Paris, France. To improve treasury management efficiencies & working captial flows to correspondent banks and Fintech payers around the world, Anthony seized on Stellar blockchain as the best means to solve the problem. He successfully implemented both a EURT stable coin and Stellar payment rails with numerous correspondents around the world to drastically improve the efficiency of correspondent payments.

Subsequently, the BP team has implemented Stellar, Ripple & introduced stable coin solutions for a number of regulated payment institution and Fintechs in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

By leveraging their real world experience, your firm can maximize blockchain technologies to add the most value to your business.
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