BP Ventures Partners with Novatti Group to Integrate AUDD into LightEcho Oracle on Stellar's Soroban Platform

BP Ventures Partners with Novatti Group to Integrate AUDD into LightEcho Oracle on Stellar's Soroban Platform

May 22, 2024

New York, May 22, 2024– BPV, a leader in fintech innovation, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Novatti, integrating AUDD, Australia's premier stablecoin, into its LightEcho Oracle on Stellar's Soroban platform. This collaboration amplifies the Oracle's capability to deliver essential pricing data for emerging markets, leveraging the strength of Australia's robust economy.

AUDD, a 1:1 fiat backed stablecoin operated by AUDC (a Novatti Group company), joins a comprehensive list of supported currency pairs and indicators within the LightEcho Oracle, including XLMVOL30d, USD, EUR, NGN, KES, INR, ARS, and BRL. This expansion increases the Oracle's utility and underscores our commitment to meeting diverse market demands with accurate and timely data updates every 10 minutes.

Novatti's and AUDC's role in this partnership is pivotal, as the Group's expertise and reputation in the fintech sector reinforce the reliability and stability of AUDD within the digital asset ecosystem. By integrating AUDD into the LightEcho Oracle, BPV and Novatti aim to facilitate seamless access to stablecoin liquidity, bolstering financial inclusion and innovation.

As Australia ranks among the world's leading economies, including AUDD in the LightEcho Oracle holds significant implications, providing essential infrastructure for navigating Australia's thriving financial landscape and beyond.

For integration opportunities and further details, visit Stellar Expert and explore the BPV GitHub repository.

About BPV:

Helping Fintechs use stablecoins and blockchain technology to improve operational efficiencies and increase revenues. As an official Stellar integration partner with expertise in the Stellar protocol, payments, stablecoins, and IT systems, BPV specializes in digital asset custody, management, and tokenized asset trading software, shaping the future of finance. For inquiries, please contact Christian Larsen at support@bpventures.us.

About Novatti Group (NOV:ASX):

Novatti is a leading, regulated fintech company, specializing in digital banking, payments, and remittance solutions. AUDC Pty Ltd is a Novatti Group majority-owned entity specializing in stablecoins. With a focus on their fully backed AUDD stablecoin and full transparency, Novatti plays a crucial role in shaping the stablecoin economy in Australia and beyond. They provide comprehensive financial services to individuals and businesses worldwide.

For media inquiries, please contact: Effie Dimitropoulos, CEO – AUDD, Novatti Group,
+61 411 879 435

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