BPV Unveils Free No-Code Version of Stellar Anchor-In-A-Box: Unleashing Unparalleled Benefits for On/Off Ramps and Asset Issuers

BPV Unveils Free No-Code Version of Stellar Anchor-In-A-Box: Unleashing Unparalleled Benefits for On/Off Ramps and Asset Issuers

May 23, 2023

BPV is excited to announce the free version of Anchor-In-A-Box, a groundbreaking solution designed to simplify integration into the Stellar ecosystem. Aimed at two main beneficiaries—On/Off Ramps and Asset Issuers—this innovative software offers swift and simple integrations without having to worry about Stellar SEP standards as it supports SEP 1/6/10/12/24/31 out of the box. Whether you plan to offer USDC to local fiat, launch your own fiat backed token or sell securities such as mutual funds Anchor-In-A-Box offers something for you.

Effortless Integration for On/Off Ramps

Anchor-In-A-Box provides an ideal solution for On/Off Ramps looking to connect with a network of fiat and crypto institutions building on Stellar. With just one integration, these entities can effectively facilitate on-chain and off-chain transactions, including a wide array of digital assets including USD Stablecoins. The software simplifies the process, supports all applicable SEPs, offers robust KYC support, flexible fee structures, and comprehensive compatibility with a variety of Stellar wallets. Furthermore, it allows for direct transaction functionalities for unsupported wallets, ensuring smooth operations at all times.

Empowering Asset Issuers

For Asset Issuers such as mutual funds seeking to tokenize real-world value on the Stellar network, Anchor-In-A-Box provides a secure and reliable platform to efficiently manage the purchase process. The software comes equipped with advanced tracking and data scheduling features, ensuring accurate reconciliation and streamlined backend system integration.

The Gateway to Stellar Network Integration

BPV's free version of Anchor-In-A-Box serves as a powerful gateway for both On/Off Ramps and Asset Issuers to integrate with the Stellar network. This offering reflects BPV's commitment to making this transition as accessible and straightforward as possible.

Anchor-In-A-Box acts as a bridge between traditional banking and the blockchain domain, opening up new opportunities for enhanced business operations and revenue streams.

Join us in our upcoming tutorials and announcements as we guide you step-by-step through this transformative journey.

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