Introducing LightEcho: A Next-Generation Smart Contract Price Oracle on the Stellar Soroban Platform

Introducing LightEcho: A Next-Generation Smart Contract Price Oracle on the Stellar Soroban Platform

May 14, 2023

BP Ventures is delighted to introduce the Lightecho Oracle, a pioneering Smart Contract Price Oracle on Stellar's Soroban system, as an essential addition to the ecosystem. The Lightecho Oracle aims to fill in the gaps left by existing data providers, offering extensive coverage and depth of market data that is vital for advanced financial products.

One of the Lightecho Oracle's distinguishing features is its focus on providing emerging market currency data. With our extensive experience and deep expertise in handling these types of data feeds, we are able to offer a service that many other oracles do not cater to effectively. This focus empowers developers and companies to create more diverse and inclusive financial solutions, particularly for underrepresented and developing markets.

Where Chainlink's functionality is limited by the reliance on a token that does not exist on Stellar, the Lightecho Oracle is fully integrated with the Stellar ecosystem, ensuring seamless operation and accessibility.

Orbitlens is working on an oracle data similar to Uniswap TWAP. While they continue to explore innovative ideas, they do not provide emerging market data or traditional market data. This is precisely the void Lightecho Oracle aims to fill while modeling our smart contract to be a similar smart contract code structure so switching between the two should be trivial.

In conclusion, the Lightecho Oracle, with its extensive coverage of traditional and emerging market data, is poised to be a crucial addition to the Stellar Soroban ecosystem. Our mission is to provide developers and companies with the most accurate, comprehensive, and timely data possible, empowering them to build more sophisticated and inclusive DeFi solutions.

To give some background detail The Stellar blockchain, known for its high-speed, low-cost transactions, is now further enhanced with Soroban, a developer-friendly, Rust-based smart contracts platform. Currently live on the test network, Futurenet, Soroban integrates seamlessly with the existing Stellar blockchain, offering developers a powerful, scalable environment to create innovative applications.

Lightecho, in its capacity as a robust, next-generation price Stellar Oracle, capitalizes on Soroban's features. By providing reliable, tamper-proof, and up-to-date price feeds, Lightecho enables developers to create sophisticated DeFi applications, including lending platforms, automated market makers, and derivatives markets. Moreover, by making emerging market data accessible, Lightecho can empower developers to design DeFi solutions that cater to the unique needs of diverse markets, promoting financial inclusion and global growth. Furthermore, our oracle will include data like XLM volatility feeds, enabling options.

Starting today, Lightecho Oracle is available for developers, who can access the codebase and begin integrating the smart contract into their projects by visiting BP Ventures is committed to supporting the Stellar ecosystem, fostering innovation, and fintech solutions that empower companies and developers to create new, transformative solutions.

About BP Ventures: BPV, a leader in fintech, empowers financial institutions to leverage digital assets for operational optimization and revenue growth. With a seasoned team experienced in Stellar protocol, regulatory compliance, and IT systems, BPV specializes in software for digital asset custody, secure management, and tokenized asset trading, driving the future of decentralized finance. For more information, please contact:

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