LightEcho, the First Ever Emerging Market Oracle, Earns BPV the Stellar Community Fund Award

LightEcho, the First Ever Emerging Market Oracle, Earns BPV the Stellar Community Fund Award

July 13, 2023

New York, July 12, 2023 - BP Ventures, a leader in fintech, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious Stellar Community Fund Award #14 for its groundbreaking project, LightEcho Oracle. This recognition further solidifies BP Ventures" commitment to supporting the Stellar ecosystem and driving innovation in transformative solutions. LightEcho Oracle, a unique Smart Contract Price Oracle on Stellar"s Soroban system, addresses the critical need for comprehensive data coverage in advanced financial products. By focusing on emerging market currency data and XLM Volatility, LightEcho Oracle empowers developers to create inclusive financial solutions for emerging markets.

"We are thrilled to receive the Stellar Community Fund Award #14 for our LightEcho Oracle project," said Christian Larsen at BP Ventures. "This recognition reaffirms our dedication to fostering innovation in the Stellar ecosystem and supporting the development of transformative solutions in the fintech industry."
The Stellar Community Fund is a renowned platform that recognizes and funds exceptional projects within the Stellar community. The award acknowledges LightEcho Oracle"s potential to add significant value to the Stellar ecosystem and promote financial inclusion.

To Immediately get started developing on Stellar Soroban using the Oracle in Javascript, Python or Rust visit our development blog.
or the js fiddle

To learn more about the Stellar Community Fund Award #14 and LightEcho Oracle, please visit .

About BP Ventures:
BP Ventures is a leader in fintech, specializing in empowering financial institutions to optimize operations and achieve revenue growth through digital assets. With expertise in Stellar protocol, regulatory compliance, and IT systems, BP Ventures focuses on software solutions for digital asset custody, secure management, and tokenized asset trading, driving the future of decentralized finance. ​

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