Stellar and BP Ventures: Revolutionizing Charitable Disbursements

Stellar and BP Ventures: Revolutionizing Charitable Disbursements

September 7, 2023

As technological advancements reshape industries, the charity sector, often underserved by cutting-edge solutions, may be transformed by Stellar’s Disbursement Platform or SDP. A brainchild of the Stellar Development Foundation and supported by BPV, this platform promises to redefine how charities distribute aid, ensuring maximal impact for every dollar donated.

“Stellar Aid Assist’s key principle — $1 donated remains $1 when it reaches its destination”


  • Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Ascendance:

    By 2019, CVA based aid hit $5.6 billion. The increase of cash assistance over material goods combined with its cost efficiency makes a compelling use case. If the momentum continues, CVA may constitute up to 50% of global humanitarian aid



  • Stellar’s Disbursement Platform - A Transformative Tool:

    With Stellar opting for open-source distribution of its software, the positive impact on humanitarian aid is significant. The software was used by entities like UNHCR for distribution of aid in Ukraine.

  • Key Features:
    • Transparency:  Real-time reporting and full traceability.
    • Instantaneous Disbursement:  Immediate aid dispatch.
    • Accessibility:  Catering to the unbanked population.
    • Stability:  Leveraging USDC stablecoin for predictable value.
    • Portability:  Cross-border transactions without the limitations of cash.
    • Global Cash Out:  Functionality across 150 countries in a myriad of currencies.
    • Risk Reduction: A safer transactional environment.
  • The platform's robustness is attributed to principles encompassing secure storage, adaptability, global reach, value preservation, and tailored aid solutions.

BPV's Commitment to the Project:  As an official, trusted Stellar Integration Partner, BPV is poised to elevate the capabilities of Stellar. The partnership transcends mere software provisioning; it's a holistic approach reflecting core organizational values.

BPV has already helped charities such as the Freedom Foundation with:

  • Technical Support: Comprehensive assistance throughout.
  • Branded Wallets: Aligning with organizational branding.
  • Strategic Partnership: A symbiotic relationship emphasizing organizational objectives.
Organizations keen on navigating this transformation can try out our online demo


or contact us for a live demo solution call.

“This an effective and inexpensive cash assistance tool to aid charities for disaster relief”
- Christian Larsen, BPV

SDP Screen Shot

The synergy between BPV and Stellar signifies a shift towards a future where humanitarian aid is not merely dispensed but optimized for maximum impact.

The call to action is clear: Join the movement to provide more impact per dollar spent on humanitarian financial aid.


(2) Access the Stellar Distribution Platform on Stellar testnet

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