Revolutionizing Digital Currency Wallet UI/UX with Stellar's SEP-30 Standard ( Account Abstraction )

Empowering Users with Simplified Key Management and Secure Fund Control

At BPV, we understand the critical role of UI/UX in non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets. The complexities of blockchain technology, particularly for wallets, demand a user-friendly yet secure interface.

Stellar's SEP-30 standard is at the heart of our approach, striking a balance between security and ease of use. Our users enjoy seamless key management without sacrificing control over their funds.


Innovative Account Recovery - Simple, Secure, and User-Centric

Redefining account recovery

Our implementation of SEP-30 eliminates the need for users to remember complex keys. Users can recover accounts using familiar methods like SMS or email verification, but also a wide array of social logins like facebook, google, etc. This innovation not only makes blockchain technology more accessible but also enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

Non-Custodial Security Meets User-Friendly Recovery

Merging top-notch security with convenient recovery options, our SEP-30 implementation ensures full fund control for users to avoid regulatory headwinds, while ensuring a hassle-free recovery process for users.

Diverse Recovery Options for Every User

Offering a simple graphical interface, our platform provides various recovery methods. From standard email and SMS to a wide array of social authentication methods like Apple, Google, Facebook, and GitHub, we cater to all user preferences.

Cost-Effective Solutions and User Benefits

With 78% of people forgetting passwords, our shift to social logins from SMS not only enhances user convenience but also saves costs significantly for mid-sized wallets. Given the average Twilio SMS cost of $0.1 USD outside North America, moving to social logins from SMS could also save a mid-sized wallet of 30,000 users about $4,680 (0.78 * 30,000 * $0.1 x 2) annually.

Exciting Feature Roadmap for Our Customers

Enhanced Logging Capabilities
Secure Key Rotation
Multilingual Support: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French
Social Recovery Options

Our SEP-30 key recovery solution can be tested on our playground now:

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