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Stellar Anchor in a Box is your one-stop solution to effortlessly join the Stellar ecosystem and unlock new revenue streams as a fully integrated on and off ramp. It facilitates users sending funds to any backend system with simplicity, speed and top industry-grade security.


  • Supports Basic KYC or Full KYC through KYC Sum & Substance provider
  • Provides flexible fee charging on inbound and outbound transactions with a combination of flat fees plus a percentage
  • Supports Sep 24 Wallet integration for wallets such as Solar, Lobstr, BP Dashboard, Beans and many others
  • Direct function available for wallets not supported, where users can visit a website and follow the same procedure
  • Provides SFTP of transaction data scheduling for sending transaction data to the backend system
  • Contains an admin panel where users can configure rates and settings
  • Supports Stellar Sep 10 Authentication for wallets and Sep 1 support
  • Allows manual processing of bank wires via a bank interface
  • Provides tracking of external bank references for reconciliation purposes
  • Offers transaction cancellation
  • Keeps detailed notes of transfers
  • Enables exporting of CSV files of past transactions and customer data
  • Sends email notifications to admins for received payments
  • Sends email notifications to customers with transaction receipts upon completion of the transaction
  • Monitors and notifies backend errors through Sentry.io
  • Contains a callback system ("hooks") with all transaction information.
  • Supports Sep 6 non-interactive API deposit and withdrawal for companies and payment companies such as Coinqvesthttps://www.coinqvest.com/
  • Supports Anchor to Anchor traffic - SEP 31
  • Retry transactions on Stellar Blockchain
  • Multi-sig protection of Hotwallet via BP Guard & Institutional Wallet
  • Supports Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Chain and all other EVM bockchains out of the box
Pending upgrades:
  • Passbase replacement (perhaps Sum&Substance)
  • Can be customized to support Stellar SEP-38
System specifications:
  • Uses Django 3. x and Javascript (ReactJS)
  • On the backend, any Django-supported database such as Postgresql
  • Email sending works with any SMTP provider
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BPV was created in 2020 and incorporated in digital friendly Sheridan, Wyoming by two experts in the financial technology and payments industry. Co-founder and Director of BPV is Jeffrey M. PHANEUF, a senior executive with two decades of payment's experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas with prior positions at Ria, Sigue, i-transfer and Tempo.

Co-founder, Director and CTO Anthony BARKER, an IT veteran of implementing equity trading technologies at BMO Harris Bank, National Bank, IBM Canada and former CTO at Tempo. Anthony successfully introduced Stellar, stable coin technology to speed payments and reduce working capital costs. He's a frequent contributor and speaker in the crypto, Stellar community.

Their goal is to provide the most useful strategic consulting & blockchain advisory services to maximize the potential of blockchain technologies for your company. In the payments space this means providing secure, seamless, faster transactions at a fraction of the cost of SWIFT.

Optimize BP's knowledge of Stellar, Ripple, Swift, Fidessa, Web3 and other blockchain technologies for your business today.

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