Stellar Solutions for Asset Issuers such as Mutual Funds: Kick start your Blockchain implementation with our Suite of Products

Stellar Solutions for Asset Issuers such as Mutual Funds: Kick start your Blockchain implementation with our Suite of Products

Your Comprehensive Suite: Institutional Wallet, Anchor-in-a-Box, and Mobile Wallet

In the fast-paced world of digital assets, mutual funds require an innovative, secure, and holistic solution. Companies such as Franklin Templeton have already seen hundreds of millions flow into their on-chain money market mutual fund. Our suite of products is designed with such solutions in mind, comprising of the BP Guard Institutional Wallet, Anchor-in-a-Box, and a mobile wallet compatible with both iOS and Android.

BP Guard Institutional Wallet: Asset Tokenization & Management Simplified

Our Institutional Wallet forms the backbone of our offerings. Built upon the robust Stellar blockchain, it is designed to create, issue, and manage digital representations of your mutual fund assets seamlessly. Offering these digitized assets to your customers can revolutionize your mutual fund models, adding a new-age dimension to your traditional offerings.

Anchor-in-a-Box: Fast-Track your Blockchain Implementation

We understand that implementing blockchain technology may seem daunting. That's why we offer Anchor-in-a-Box, a ready-to-go blockchain solution tailored for mutual funds. This solution allows your organization to quickly set up and run a Stellar anchor, significantly speeding up your blockchain implementation process.

Mobile Wallet: Convenience at your Fingertips

Embrace the era of mobility with our user-friendly mobile wallet. Available on both iOS and Android, this wallet ensures your customers can access and manage their digital assets whenever and wherever they want.

Uncompromised Security and Seamless Compliance

Our suite of products is designed with rigorous security measures. Leveraging advanced features of AWS, Azure, and HSM Hardware, we provide top-tier security that exceeds institutional standards. In addition, our suite of products ensures full compliance with FIPS 140-3, PCI DSS, and SOC 2 standards, automatically adapting to any regulatory requirement your mutual fund may face.

Streamlined Workflows, Cross-Border Payments, and Instant Settlements

Our products don't compromise on ease of use. They feature intuitive interfaces and authentication practices, ensuring speedy transactions while maintaining security. Enjoy instant on-chain settlement 24/7, fiat to stablecoin settlement with the Stellar network, and cross-border payments with our solutions. Your customers can deposit or withdraw in dozens of countries on every continent.

Embark on your digital transformation journey with our comprehensive suite of products. Tokenize assets, streamline blockchain implementation, and empower your customers with unparalleled accessibility to their digital and traditional assets.


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